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Testimonial 3

McCann and Associates helped me for my child support case. I’m satisfied with the results. I was not prepared to go through the tiring process of appointing a new attorney, but my family advised me to visit McCann and Associates for my case.

I called them up and immediately got a convenient appointment. After meeting with their lawyer and discussing my case, I was relieved.

My lawyer charged a very reasonable fees. All my doubts were clarified beforehand, and even during the case my questions were dully addressed. Knowing that my case was being handled by an experienced and proactive lawyer eased most of my worries. There was no need for me to visit court daily, the lawyer always kept me in loop with all the legal proceedings. Just because of my lawyer’s efforts, I got child support with other benefits also.

I heartily appreciate all the work McCann and Associates and their lawyer did for me.

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