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Psychological effects of a divorce

Posted on December 3, 2015 by Sacs Best Divorce Attorney | 0

Divorce is one of the most crucial decision taken in the life which not only affect the person taking it but also the people associated with them. It adversely affect both spouses and is taken due to mutual concern of both.

There are various reasons which are responsible for the dissolving of a relation. Divorce has emotional and psychological impact in person’s life which directly or indirectly affects the life of people who are around them or associated with them.

Following are the certain psychological effects of divorce on your life:

• Guilty feeling:

One of the effect which most of spouse especially the females find them guilty for the decision. This is true whether they have initiated the divorce process or not.

• Depression:

Ending of the marriage is difficult situation for both the parties. Increased responsibilities with no one to support make the spouses go in depression. Due to which they have to face certain mental or health disorders.

• Anxiousness:

Tension of future and upcoming life make both the party go anxious. It usually occurs with the person who is not financially and physically sound enough to bear the expenses on his own.

• Poor performance in work:

Mental tensions and anxiousness also degrades your performance at your work place. This results in lowering of performance and not achieving the targets or meeting the deadlines. Divorce not only threaten your personal life but also show its impact on your professional life too.

• Loss of emotional regulation:

It usually seen with the persons who are soft-hearted and sensitive. Females usually suffers through this phase and can’t control their emotions every time.

If you have child, then he is the one which would be suffering the most due to this divorce. He will be involved in all the hearings and custody support case. Whatever the situation may be they are the one which gets suffered the most in whole procedure and after it also.

Divorce usually creates a negative impact over the mind of child which usually occurs due to the high conflicts between the parents. It can lead to anger, distress, physical aggression and loneliness. It is found that people involved in the divorce usually suffers from the loneliness and get addicted to the alcohol and other.

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