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Is social media a reason for increasing divorces?

Posted on December 3, 2015 by Sacs Best Divorce Attorney | 0

Internet has created many changes in this world. Social media has become the growing trend between the people of all most every age group. Every single person is using social media in some or the other form and is getting influenced through it.

Unlike everything social media too has two phases- one is good and other is bad. It not only connects you through the world but helps you in getting and learning more. But now a days it is becoming the reason of dissolution of many marriages.

Following are the certain ways through which you can see that social media is threatening your relationship and is becoming a reason for increased rate of divorces:

• Excessive use of social media:

It is found that 25% of the couples have argument, at least once a week, because of social media. Out of which most of them arguments due to something that is being posted by their spouse online. These small arguments slowly grew in to the bigger one which finds an ultimate solution as divorce.

• Don’t brag about your relation:

Boasting everything about your partner and relationship is not consider as the good practice. It is found in the recent study that, boasting about your relation over social media doesn’t reflect your happiness about the relationship but it depicts the insecurities that you are having for your spouse.

• It has negative impact on newly made relations:

If you are entered into a new relationship, than you have to be more careful while posting anything on social media as it can create strong negative impact on your relation. It is found that social media can has its harmful impact on the new relation as their bond is still not so strong and gives place suspicion easily.

• Increases jealousy:

Posting everything on social media can create insecurities and jealousy for other spouse and they can go for same. People in relation are more prone to these jealousy and insecurities which is being created through posts over social media. They start taking every post personally and consider it was written for them. Without discussing it with their partner they lead to the end decision.

• Selfie impacts your relation:

Selfie, the most common and trending word going viral over the people. But clicking and posting selfies can make your partner feel less supported. Don’t post anything and everything on social media.
The above reasons are big enough for separating partners. Don’t spend excess time on social media to avoid the circumstances that paves the way for divorce. Try to spend time with your spouse to prevent his or her over engagement with Social media and save you relation from dissolving.

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