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Legal problems always seem dooming, and matters get especially complicated when your family is involved. Situations like these require you to be strong and calm. In this time of your hardship McCann and Associates is there to support you and provide you with complete legal guidance and assistance.

Whether you are facing the burden of a divorce, battling for custody of your child, or looking to resolve a dispute easily, we are always there with you. It is hard to understand all the legal complications on your own, therefore we provide you expert services and ensure that all your queries are answered in a hassle free manner.

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At McCann and Associates, our attorneys are experienced in preparation […]

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Prenuptial agreement

It is a written legal document which is signed by […]

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Equitable property distribution

Divorce not only separates the spouses but also affects many […]

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Spousal support

It refers to the financial support or alimony given to […]

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Akram Chaudhry
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Here at McCann and Associates our goal is, and always has been to help our clients through a difficult time and in the process, put our 20 plus years experience to work on their side.

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Citrus Heights, USA

McCann and Associates helped me for my child support case. I’m satisfied with the results. I […]


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Sacramento, USA

I am a stay-at-home mother. My knowledge about legal matters is very limited, and I […]